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Mood Charting

Mood charting is an exceptionally valuable tool for understanding progress on Recovery. This section contains one (of many) mood charting tools. You can find instructions, a sample chart, and a blank chart you can print and use.

Using Mood Charting gives you a chance to carefully observe how you feel on a daily basis, and then use the results when you visit your doctors to help them understand what you are feeling. That will help your doctors help you.

  1. To use this material, start with the instruction file to tell you about how to use the forms. The instruction file has quite a few pages. It contains a lot more than just “use the form”. You’ll find guidelines on how to use a diary, how to observe your own feelings, and how to document all that so your doctor can use the data.
  2. Then, look at the sample form to see an example of what a completed form looks like.
  3. Then print out one or more copies of the blank form so you can enter your own personal data.



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